The Indoor Environment Research Group is led by Dr. Michael S. Waring, an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) in the College of Engineering (COE) at Drexel University.

Dr. Waring and his students primarily investigate indoor air quality (IAQ) issues pertaining to indoor chemistry and particle formation and mitigation practices, as well as sustainable building operation strategies that use smart, dynamic, and responsive ventilation practices to promote optimal IAQ while reducing building energy use.

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Projects and Lab Facilities

ImageDr. Waring's Indoor Environment Research Group has instrumental capabilities both in the BSEG and DARRL laboratories, and he has projects funded by NSF, ASHRAE, and the EEB HUB in Philadelphia.

We are currently investigating problems and solutions related to: (i) indoor particle formation, (ii) indoor filtration, (iii) Biowall filtration, and (iv) dynamic ventilation strategies.

Students and Job Openings

ImageCurrently, five graduate students are in the Indoor Environment Research Group (Adams Rackes, Somayeh Youssefi, Chunyi Wang, Sheng Wang, and Yanan Yang), as well as many undergraduate students.

If you'd like to conduct exciting research at Drexel about indoor environments and building energy use, check out our indoor air quality graduate student openings. 


ImageThe Indoor Environment Research Group publishes on topics related to particle formation and infiltration, smart ventilation, sensor networks, and other miscellaneous IAQ and building energy projects.

About Michael Waring

ImageMichael Waring is an indoor environmental and architectural engineer who studies how to make our buildings healthier and use less resources. He hails from Texas and also has studied English literature.