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Indoor Environment and Air Quality Research Group

Michael S. Waring | Director


Dr. Michael Waring is an active member of the Architectural and Environmental Engineering programs at Drexel. Both programs offer options for students to obtain B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.

He regularly teaches the following courses at Drexel:

AE 220 – Introduction to HVAC, undergraduate level, winter quarter

Covers a review of thermodynamics, moist air properties and psychrometric processes, basic heat transfer, solar radiation, heating and cooling losses and load calculation, types of air conditioning systems, infiltration and ventilation, air motion and distribution.

CIVE 320 – Introduction to Fluid Flow, undergraduate level, spring quarter

Covers fundamentals of fluid flow, fluid properties, hydrostatic forces, kinematics of flow, continuity, the Reynold’s transport theorem, the Bernoulli equation, linear momentum, dimensional analysis, Froude and Reynolds similarity and hydraulic models, and an introduction to pipe flows and friction.

AE 550 / ENVE 465 – Indoor Air Quality, graduate + undergraduate level, fall quarter

Covers basic concepts about indoor air quality, indoor air pollutants, including their sources and health effects, transport of pollutants, modeling of pollutant concentration in buildings, and ventilation as well as air cleaning systems.

AE 790 – Indoor Air Modeling and Measurements, graduate level, spring quarter

Covers advanced concepts about indoor air quality, with a strong focus on indoor modeling and measurements, and help students hone their research and communication skills.